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What is TrovenTrip?

TrovenTrip is a travel content platform which brings storytellers & travel industry brands together in one place.

We can show you how to be a travel blogger, and enable…


Creation & sharing of stories with a worldwide travel community



Connecting like-minded creators & industry professionals



Discovering new opportunities to work together


Why join us?

We help you scale your brand, network with creators, and find opportunities.

Create & share your travel stories to inspire travellers searching for their next trip

Connect, network & learn from other travel creators in our community

We promote your stories on social media to increase your reach & followers

Find Gigs working with travel partners such as tourist boards & attractions

How do you create & share stories?

We offer multiple story types… choose how you want to share your story in your own style…

Create Blogs with our simple to use Story Creator Tool

Backlink to your own website with our Elog stories

Tell your story through only photos with our Plog stories

Embed Vlogs from your YouTube channel

How do you get started?

Becoming a storyteller couldn’t be easier, just follow these quick & easy steps…


Sign-Up & complete your profile by adding a photo, add a short bio to introduce yourself, and link your social channels


Create your travel stories in whichever story type suits you… write Blogs, add photo Plogs, embed Vlogs, or backlink Elogs


Use your own My Feed page to interact and connect with other storytellers to increase your network


Accept our collaborator requests on Instagram and share our posts on Facebook when we promote your stories

Become a Storyteller Now!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create my travel story?

Choose the story type you want to create and then use our simple content creator tool!

You can write your blog adding content and headers, upload photos and display them in customisable formats, embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo, add Google maps to show your journey, and backlink to your own blogging website if you have one.

Once done just hit Publish! Creating a travel story is as easy as adding a post on social media!

Head to our Create a Travel Story page for more information and help!

How do you grow my blog?

We share your stories on our own Facebook and Instagram pages, tagging you and adding you as a collaborator… please share and accept these requests!

This means your story and profile is then shared with all of our travel creator and story reader followers. By accepting the collaboration and sharing the posts, these are then also shown to your audience connecting them to TrovenTrip, which in-turn means that the followers of all of our other bloggers will also see your stories and profile… giving you more reach, followers and engagement… we can all grow together!

How do I get Gigs and work with travel partners?

Available Gigs are advertised on our Gigs page (link).

Find out more information here… (link to details, we need to create a how to for the Gigs!)