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We provide services to grow your business and reach new audiences…

What is TrovenTrip?

TrovenTrip is a travel content platform which brings storytellers & travel industry brands together in one place. We enable…


Creation & sharing of stories with a worldwide travel community



Connecting like-minded creators & industry professionals



Discovering new opportunities to work together


Why work with us?

We provide services to grow your business and reach new audiences…

We match you with high quality travel storytellers to create original, personalised and fresh content for your business to use however you want… blogs, photos, videos, social media promotion, travel guides… are just some of the things we offer!

Fresh Content

Connect to your audience with a tailored portfolio of photos & videos

Hassle Free

Share your expectations and we will manage the rest

Cross Promotion

We promote your brand on social media channels

How do you get started?


Contact Us

Email us at or use the form at the end of this page


Connect with TrovenTrip

Let’s discuss the specifics… your target audience, required languages, photos & videos, publishing channels. Not sure? We offer a free consultation call


Connect with your Blogger

You will be connected with a vetted and reliable Blogger or Vlogger who is a perfect match to your needs & style


Receive Blogs

Receive high-quality, completely verified for personalisation and no plagiarism or AI generated content at agreed timelines

Benefits of using our service

Easy Booking

You don’t need to spend time browsing thousands of blogs to choose the blogger that suits your style

Cost Effective

We work within your budget and match you to high quality bloggers

Unique Content

Completely personalised, tailored for your audience and reviewed by industry experts

Feel Confident

Complete transparency with clear package descriptions, upfront pricing model, and clear communication throughout

Who do we partner with?

Tourist Boards

Our bloggers will ensure that all key aspects of your area are highlighted and local brands and shops are promoted

Tourist Attractions

Our bloggers bring out the true uniqueness of the place and why it should be on every traveller’s bucket list.

Travel Planners

Our Bloggers will come on a journey with you, highlight the best aspects in their blogs, and give suggestions based on their experiences

Travel Products

Our Bloggers bring out the usefulness your products through their own experiences and will attract buyers anywhere in the world

Travel Publications

Our bloggers understand the value publications bring to the world of travel, they will be your voice with their personal touch of experiences

Hotels & Restaurants

Our bloggers know that where you stay and the food you eat can make or break a trip, they will highlight the experiences people can have

Brands we’ve worked with

These are just some of the travel businesses we’ve worked with and ran cross-promotions for!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I choose the blogger/storyteller based on their portfolio?

    Absolutely! You can browse the blogs they have shared on TrovenTrip and select your favorite. Not sure who to choose? Contact us. We can pair you with the best bloggers for your needs and who is available for your desired date(s).

    How many days in advance should I contact for booking ?

    We suggest bookings are done at least one week in advance for local bloggers and one month in advance for international bloggers to ensure your preferred time, date, and blogger. Last-minute bookings can be made up to 48 hours in advance.

    Will TrovenTrip ask for permission to share my blogs on your website and/or social media?

    We respect your privacy and will never share the content our bloggers create on our website or social media without your permission! If you prefer to keep your content specifically for your use, that’s totally fine –just let us know during the initial discussions . As a bonus, if you review your experience with us, we offer a complimentary service 😉

    When do I need to make the payment and how?

    Once we understand your requirements, and identify the best suited blogger, we will send you the invoice which will have details on the advance payment (e.g. 10% booking deposit) with the link for online payment. Once the advance payment is done, we will set up a call with the blogger to agree to the terms. We will also agree on the final outcome delivery date. We would need to receive the remaining payment at least a day before the final delivery date. We will clearly mention and agree on the payment dates in the contract

    Will I be able to contact or chat with my blogger?

    Yes, once the terms are agreed, we will have a introductory call set up and also share with you the bloggers details to agree on the details

    Can I reschedule my blog service?

    Yes, in general as listed below. But if there is anything specific, it will be mentioned in your contract.

    • If you reschedule more than 5 days in advance, there is no rescheduling fee unless some specific non-refundable arrangements which may need to be paid for.
    • If you reschedule with less than 5 days to the agreed date, a 25% package price (or more depending on the non-refundable arrangements made) fee will apply.

    Except for emergencies*.

    *Natural disaster, illness, direct family member emergency, or last-minute travel restrictions

    Can I cancel my blog service?

    If you need to cancel your service, please notify us via email at with at least 3 days notice. Our cancelation policy unless and until specifically specified in the contract depending on the service  is as follows:

    1. If you cancel more than 5 days in advance of your service, we will issue you with a credit of the same value which you can use at any time in the future, with no expiration date.
    2. If you cancel within 5 days of your service, no credits or refunds will be issued.
    3. In the event of an emergency (natural disaster, illness, direct family member emergency, or last-minute travel restrictions), we will issue you with a credit of the same value which you can use at any time in the future, with no expiration date. Please note, documentation may be required.

    NOTE: Cancellations during holiday seasons must be done a week in advance of the service agreed start date. This will be specific to each destination, as each city and country has its own special dates and holidays.

    Do we own the rights to your blogs?

    Yes! You have the right to use the outcome of our services for your promotional use. While you can share them with the world, post them, print them, promote yourself with them, you may not alter or re-sell them to third parties without consent from TrovenTrip.

    Do you work with influencers/ PRs?

    We do! If you are interested in working together please email us with your proposal to

    Do you work with affiliates, partners, travel agents, etc?

    Yes! If you want to partner with us or offer our services to your customer, we are all ears. Please contact us on