Angus Coastal Route

We covered the gorgeous Angus Coastal Route over a weekend and stayed at the cultural city of…

We covered the gorgeous Angus Coastal Route over a weekend and stayed at the cultural city of Dundee – I have shared our route at the bottom of this post for your reference :-)

Due to the on-going Covid-19 norms, most of the public places were shut in Dundee, but we still managed to enjoy this beautiful city and it’s majestic architecture.

We started our day with a hearty breakfast at John Watt & Son, Carlisle and covered a non-stop stretch to the alluring town of St. Andrews where we had our engaging workshop at Kartel – building our own wrist watches from the master horologists.

Along the coastal route there are many signs guiding you on A-90 road for the next 68 miles straight up till Aberdeen. Hues of blue smeared across the horizon, this scenic drive is a treat for the eyes and comfort for the soul.

We headed over to the famous Arbroath Abbey to spend our afternoon on the colossal grounds. While the visitor centre is shut at the moment, the Abbey is free to access and roam around. Despite being a Saturday, we found the Abbey to be vacant and available all to ourselves to capture some photos in a breath-taking backdrop.

Arbroath Abbey

25 miles through this route took us to the bewitching Lunan Bay where the Lunan Water divided the beach in the middle and the walk leads up to the Red Castle ruins. Our next stop was Castleton Farm Shop, Fordoun for some refreshments and I have captured my experience of the same here.

We then headed over to the magnificent Dunnottar Castle which offers some of the most irresistible views from the cliff. The castle is said to protect the crown jewels or the Honours of Scotland from being destroyed by Oliver Cromwell.

Dunnottar Castle

Aberdeen was our final destination on this route and we didn’t do it justice by spending only a day in here. Esplanade is a spectacular beach with lots of benches strewn across the walk, enough to keep you comfortable.

The old fishing village of Fittie / Footdee is at a stone’s throwaway distance from the beach – this places takes you back in time with its quirky cottages arranged inwards in squares to protect them from the ocean’s fierce storms.

We did take multiple coffee breaks in this trip, just as an excuse to soak in as much of it’s charm as possible. The coastal line is rich with heritage sites and each town has its own appeal. On our way back to Dundee, we stopped at an Indian food joint – Taza located at City Quay, for a wholesome dinner.

I have shared a link to a more detailed website here, should you want to cover a few more sites along the route.

Need to add link

So this was my experience of the Angus Coastal Route, do let me know how was yours in the comment section below 

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