Dubai Delights: Exploring the Best Tourist Attractions in the City of Wonders

Along with its luxury, Dubai also remains under the spotlight of international tourism due to…

Along with its luxury, Dubai also remains under the spotlight of international tourism due to its exotic tourist destinations. While other countries also have tourist spots, the ones in Dubai have an irresistible and magnetic attraction. Due to this feature, international tourists visit Dubai’s tourist attractions each year. This helps Dubai earn a huge foreign exchange which boosts the UAE’s economy.

Over the last few years, Dubai has emerged as a leading holiday destination for spending a vacation with family or friends. The major reason for it is the existing variety in its tourist attractions. This feature gives more options to visitors which, in turn, motivates them to explore new places and discover fun elements. If checking out the best tourist attractions in Dubai is your objective of visiting the desert city, you can expect to stay on your feet throughout the trip. If you are looking for ways to make your visit to the city a memorable experience, don’t forget to include the below-mentioned tourist attractions in Dubai in your travel list.

1. Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is the pride of Dubai due to its admirable height. It stands tall in the desert city with a height of 2716.5 feet and 160+ stories. Apart from its height, it also leaves the world’s other tall towers far behind with its number of stories. One of the star attractions of Burj Khalifa is “At the Top Sky”. It is the highest observation deck of the tower from which you can get a magnificent view of Dubai’s tall buildings and its impressive infrastructure.

Children below 4 years of age can enter Burj Khalifa without any ticket. However, buying tickets is necessary for adults and children who belong to the age group of 4 to 12 years. You need to buy a ticket to primarily visit At the Top. You can book the tickets online to save time and money.

2. Dubai Frame

Notwithstanding its modern lifestyle and luxury, Dubai also has a rich culture with a golden past that coincides with the rich indigenous culture of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). There’s no better place than Dubai Frame to understand and explore it in Dubai. Just like Burj Khalifa and other tall towers or structures in Dubai, Dubai Frame also gets its unique identity due to its dimensions. Dimension-wise, it is 95.53 meters tall and 150.24 meters high.

Dubai Frame is essentially an observation tower made of gold. It gets its name after its appearance which resembles a frame. While other attractions in Dubai also have a magnificent view of the city, you might still want to visit Dubai Frame for its rich history.

Dubai Frame Tickets are available online. You can easily find great discounts and deals while buying these tickets online.

3. Jumeirah Beach

Dubai is as popular for its Jumeirah Beach as it is for its desert. Its pretty sight featuring white sands, the blue sky, and breaking waves will not only mesmerize you but also make you fall in love with the beauty of nature at first sight. Whether you have been to this beach in Dubai or not, the magnificent view of Jumeirah Beach will inspire you to keep coming to Dubai all over again.

While you can enter Jumeirah Beach free of cost, you may need to spend a certain amount of money on other activities. For instance, you need to buy a ticket to enter and explore the garden located nearby. Likewise, you will also need to pay for exploring the other attractions or to try some of the water sports.

4. Theme Parks

Dubai has some of the world’s best theme parks. You can visit either some or all of them depending on your favorite themes. The IMG Worlds of Adventure, Motiongate Dubai, Dubai Parks and Resorts, Legoland Dubai, and Aquaventure Waterpark are some popular theme parks in Dubai. Other than these options, you can also check out other theme parks. Because Dubai has many theme parks, you can pick and choose your option carefully.

Dubai’s theme parks are different from standard theme parks. The majority of them have shops and restaurants. Whether you are a foodie or want to shop for items, you can do so by going to a restaurant or a shopping mall before heading before your return.

5. Desert Safari along with BBQ Dinner

Being a desert city, Dubai is home to desert and desert safari entertainment. Dubai’s desert has an aura of mystery, giving it a distinct appeal compared to other deserts across the globe. Tourists from the length and breadth of the world keep flocking to Dubai’s desert to experience its ultimate safari experience. Speaking of the fun experience, it is a cocktail of fun and entertainment. The fun factor never ends on the sands of the Dubai desert which makes it a must-visit place for all tourists.

During the desert safari, you can spend quality time indulging in dune bashing and camel riding. Plus, you can also enjoy live shows here. Despite being an expensive city, Dubai allows its tourists to enjoy these activities with their companions at affordable packages. After checking out the star attractions of the desert safari, you can wrap it up with panache by going for a grand BBQ dinner involving mouth-watering cuisines.

The ticket for the desert safari is a combo package with several fun-filled elements. It makes safari entertainment all the more interesting for tourists. On the live show of the desert safari, you can witness three interesting events, namely a fire show, a Tanoura show, and belly dancing. 

Final thoughts

If you sit down to count the number of tourist attractions in Dubai on any given day, you’d be spoilt for choice. While the above options constitute top Dubai tourist attractions, you can also add more to it if you have a plan to stay in Dubai for an extended period. Keep a good-quality camera handy to shoot some cool selfies to share with your friends or relive the moments spent with your companions on your Dubai trip.

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