Standing on Top of Rhein Falls… The Largest Waterfall in Europe!

Did you know that Rhein Falls is the largest waterfall in Europe? 

Did you know that Rhein Falls is the largest waterfall in Europe? 

We’re clinging to the side of the boat as it rocks and sways, threatening to capsize and throw us overboard! The spray from the water is soaking us, and just as we see a rainbow, we can breathe a sigh of relief as the boat finally docks and we can scramble off to the safety of the rock! We’re in Switzerland, visiting Rhein Falls, the largest waterfall in Europe…

Our Experience...

We get our first glimpse of the waterfall from the road as we're driving to the carpark... and it's huge!

It looks like the European version of Niagara Falls... the spray from the water crashing down the falls seems to envelope the whole area!

We part at car park A (guessing this is the closest to the entrance) and make the short walk to the ticket office, needing to decide which boat trip we want to take.

The options are... the Rock Tour, where we get dropped off at the base of the waterfall and can climb the rock sitting in the middle of the waterfall. The Short Tour, which takes a similar route to the Rock tour only without you getting off the boat onto the rock. Or the Audio guide Tour, which takes a longer route along the river with an audio guide, but again no option of getting off the boat.

There's only 1 option isn't there... it's got to be the Rock Tour!

The Rock Tour at Rhein Falls

We buy our tickets and head to the pier, and it’s easy to find our boat. With boats leaving every 20 mins between 11am to 6pm, even at busy times there isn’t much of a wait for the next trip.

The boat trip starts off quite serenely, cruising along the river with the spectacular view of the waterfall in the distance and the castle-like restaurant teetering on the edge of the cliff overlooking it!

But as we get closer, the waves get bigger, the spray gets more and more, and the driver seems to struggle to keep the boat moving in the direction he wants against the force of the water!

Every so often a rainbow appears in the spray of the waterfall, but with the boat being bashed around so much, it’s only visible for a few seconds.

With expert skill the captain manages to dock the boat and we climb off onto sturdy ground… we’re on the rock in the middle of the waterfall!

Standing Above Europe's Largest Waterfall

We take the stairs to the top of the rock and the viewing platform, and wow!

The feeling is incredible… it feels like we’re stood on top of the waterfall, as the water crashes all around us!

We can feel the force and power, but it’s also a beautiful sight as the sun starts to set behind the surrounding hills.

We stay on top of the rock for around 20 minutes, missing the boat which comes to pick us up and taking the next one instead. Which turns out to be a good idea, as it gives us a few minutes without the crowd in-between the boat pick-ups and drop-offs.

The return journey back to shore takes us close to the crashing waves, again revealing a rainbow shining above us… this time lasting longer allowing us to get a photo of it!

Once back on shore we get a coffee and sit for a while just watching the falls in the distance… what an amazing sight and what an unbelievable experience going out to the rock is!

TrovenTrippers Tip…

We highly recommend the Rock Tour, it’s an amazing experience to stand on top of the largest waterfall in Europe! And if you stay at the top of the rock and not take the next boat back, you’ll get a few minutes away from the crowds as one boatload descend to catch the boat and before the next make it to the top!

We visited Rhein Falls when we travelled to Germany to enjoy the Oktoberfest. Here is our itinerary if you would like to maximise your trip and visit the beautiful towns around Munich whilst you are there.

1 Week Itinerary to make most of your trip when you are visiting Oktoberfest - A Southern Germany Roundtrip

We flew from Manchester to Munich. We rented a car from Munich , visited all the beautiful places and then came back to Munich following a circular route. Check out the map below.

Day 1 --> Reached Munich, picked up the Car and drove to the Black Forest to make our own Cuckoo Clock

Day 2 --> Cuckoo Clock Trail & Visited Germany's Tallest Waterfall in Triberg

Day 3 --> Drive through the Black forest, enjoy nature and head towards Europe's Largest Waterfall

Day 4 --> Visit Disney fairytale Neuschwanstein Castle

Day 5--> History, heritage, nature, and local food and beer... sounds good right ?! Spend a day in Munich!

Day 6 --> Experience Oktoberfest… the World’s Biggest Folk & Beer Festival

Fly back to Manchester from Munich on Day 7, ensure that you don't book an early morning flight as high chances you would have spent the whole night out enjoying the Oktoberfest and would be pretty hung over ! :-)

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