Trying Copenhagen’s Best Seafood at Kødbyens Fiskebar in The Meatpacking District

Are you looking for the best places to eat in Copenhagen? Are you wondering where…

Are you looking for the best places to eat in Copenhagen? Are you wondering where is the best nightlife in Copenhagen? Then read on and join us as we visit the Meatpacking District in Copenhagen and eat in Kødbyens Fiskebar in The Meatpacking District Copenhagen

The Meatpacking District, Koedbyn, is one of the most popular places to go out in Copenhagen.

You can find some of the coolest bars and restaurants in the city here, all housed in former warehouses and slaughterhouses in the once gritty and industrial neighbourhood behind the main train station.

Don’t expect glitzy or plush interiors, many still have the original white tiles and rough walls. But what you will find is some of the best food and drink Copenhagen has to offer!

Where to eat in the Meatpacking District Copenhagen

Kødbyens Fiskebar was one of the first restaurants to open here, and still serves up some of the freshest and best seafood in the city. Fleisch is a meat-lovers paradise… half meat restaurant, half butcher. Tommi’s Burger Joint is the place to go for, well, burgers! And Mother is an Italian where you can get amazing pizza or pasta.

Where to drink in the Meatpacking District Copenhagen

For drinks, Warpig Brewpub has an amazing choice of beers, Mesteren & Lærlingen is a cosy bar with live DJ’s, while NOHO and Jolene will let you party the night away!

Kødbyens Fiskebar in Meatpacking District Copenhagen

We’ve reserved a table at Kødbyens Fiskebar, slightly unusual for us as we tend to just wing it when we visit places, but it’s good that we did! 

We join the end of a queue in the doorway with everyone in front of us being turned away as the restaurant is full, and the girl breathes a sigh of relief when we say we have a reservation.

We have a Flying Fish cocktail and local Ebeltoft beer while we look through the menu and try and decide what to try… there’s so much to choose from! 

With a huge choice of small plates we decide to go tapas style, and just order a few different things to try… starting with the oyster tasting menu and the Fiskebaren’s sourdough bread & seaweed butter.

If there are any oyster connoisseurs reading this, comment below and we can tell you which oysters they were. But for this we’ll just say they were all really nice… fresh, sweet, nutty, and meaty.

Next we go for carpet clams from Hitra Island in Norway, which come with elderflower and chives, and North Sea Cod roe in a hollandaise, brussel sprout and lemon balm.

The clams are good, although we’re a little disappointed to find only 3 of the plateful of shells with clams in… the rest are just for decoration. But the cod roe is delicious!

As we’re eating we’re debating whether to get some mussels, the table next to us have just had some and they looked really good and a huge portion. 

But we get mussels at loads of places, so instead switch to the main meal section of the menu and order something a little different sounding… pan-fried halibut, with jerusalem artichokes and pickled chanterelles porridge, smoked eel, trout roe and mackerel heart!

And it’s a good decision! Very different, but very nice!

While we’re enjoying the slightly weird sounding meal, we’re already thinking ahead to what to have for dessert. Cheesecake is one of my favourites, and on the menu is something very unique… sea lettuce and Gastro Unika caviar cheesecake!

As we’re wondering whether to try it or not, the table on our other side order it, so we listen in to hear what their reactions are. “Interesting”, “intriguing”, “different”... just say if it’s nice or not! 

We obviously decide to try it, when in Copenhagen and all that, and now we understand the comments… very interesting and intriguing indeed! It’s quite nice and despite being quite moist, it also has quite a dry taste to it. The sort of thing to enjoy once but we’re not sure we could eat the whole cake!

It’s certainly not a cheap meal (around £165), but it is a great experience to try the different seafoods, and all of the dishes are very tasty and presented like a Michelin-starred restaurant. 

If you’re a seafood fan and want a treat then we definitely recommend it, but make sure you book a table.

To book a table and to see the current menu… Kødbyens Fiskebar Website

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