Yorkshire’s Magical Daffodil Valley… The Best Place to See Daffodils in Spring!

It’s a beautiful sunny Spring morning and what better place to spend it than in…

It’s a beautiful sunny Spring morning and what better place to spend it than in Daffodil Valley at the heart of the North Yorkshire Moors. Lying next to the meandering River Dove, it’s a truly magical place… each Spring the whole valley is transformed as wild daffodils flower, creating a sea of yellow as far as the eye can see.

Our walk starts at the Low Mill car park and begins with us crossing the river, tracking its route through some woods, before the footpath opens and takes us into farmers’ fields. And it doesn’t take long for us to spot the first daffodils of the day, a few small batches growing randomly in the middle of the fields.

As we continue inside the Daffodil Valley, we see more and more…the true beauty of this stunning place is felt where the words of William Wordsworth actually come to life! As we proceed further down the trail, we can see and feel each stance and how true to the core it is!

I wandered lonely as a cloud

That floats on high o’er vales and hills,

When all at once I saw a crowd,

A host of golden daffodils

Beside the lake, beneath the trees,

Fluttering and dancing in the breeze

We’ve made an early start so we could be the first people to reach the fields and enjoy a really peaceful walk… it is truly refreshing in the crisp morning sunshine to see the bright daffodils swaying on the tunes of the misty wind alongside the riverbeds.

The walking trail is well carved out so we can see daffodils on both sides of the trail… the entire place is very picturesque, so we take quite a lot of photography stops.

As it is just the onset of spring we can also see the leaves sprout on the trees, and in many places the daffodils look more attractive on the opposite side of the river! There are a couple of spots where we contemplate trying to cross to see them up close, but with no change of clothes in the car and it being freezing cold despite the bright sunny day, we decide not to risk it!

After half an hour or so of walking, on the trail of Daffodil Valley itself we reach the Daffy Caffy and stop to have some breakfast. As usual Paul soon makes a new 4-legged friend… wherever we go, dogs seem to love him and always come up to say hello! And as well as the warm welcome from our friend, the breakfast is good too… sausage and egg sandwiches, which hit the spot nicely and fuel us well for the rest of the walk. There are also few restrooms near the café, so definitely a recommended spot for a short break if you are planning to take the long circuit route.

After leaving the café we enter the fields again… we head towards the other side of the river and walk up the hill. This time we’re surrounded by the daffodils… they’re everywhere! It’s so beautiful!

The view of Daffodil Valley from the hilltop is stunning as we can see the daffodils at far off distances, crowded below the trees and they all look like yellow pebbles shimmering in the sunrays. Sneha is thrilled to see the place as it’s the first time ever she is seeing thousands and thousands of daffodils together in real life.

She tries to get into all fields and farms to get all possible views of the daffodils and to explore the place. But many times, she ends up just straying off the trail…stepping into a puddle and mudding her shoes or a hitting a fenced field that cannot be crossed. Paul is fascinated by her efforts to get to the daffodil clusters, and isn’t quite happy about her dirtying the car later!

We now decide to continue with our adventure to few areas near to the Daffodil Valley… we head towards Church Houses, pass the Feversham Arms (which is unfortunately closed due to Covid restrictions), and stop for a while at the Church of St Mary. This is the furthest point of our walk, so we cut back across the farmers’ fields and make our way back to the car park, trying not to disturb the sheep and their lambs as we go.

It’s been a beautiful walk, best decision to pick this route and one that every flower lover should do!

Where is Daffodil Valley?

In Farndale in North Yorkshire, about 1 hour north of York

Is there parking near to Daffodil Valley?

Yes, there is Low Mill Car Park, Low Mill, North York Moors National Park, York YO62 7UY. It costs £2.50 paying with an honesty box.

Are there toilets and refreshments in Daffodil Valley?

Yes, there are public toilets at the car park and on the walk. And the Daffy Caffy serves hot food and drinks.

Are the Daffodils flowering at Daffodil Valley?

We visited in early April (2021) and they were in full bloom… keep an eye on the official Facebook page to see if the daffodils are flowering… but any time in Spring and they should be! https://www.facebook.com/FarndaleDaffodilValley/

Troven Moments

  1. Just after the Daffy Caffy and crossing the river, rather than continue straight into the field ahead, double back and follow the river for a few minutes through the daffodils. This then gives you great views when you climb uphill and head to join back up with the path
  2. The Daffy Caffy… delicious food and coffee, perfect for a pit stop and a refuel!

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