15 Very Best Things to Do in Puerto Escondido, Mexico

The first thing that pops up on google when you type in 'Puerto Escondido' is that it's an excellent surfing location. In fact, it's even better than excellent, it's one

The first thing that pops up on google when you type in ‘Puerto Escondido’ is that it’s an excellent surfing location. In fact, it’s even better than excellent, it’s one of the top surfing beaches in the world, home to the Mexican Pipeline.

But that’s definitely not the only reason you should be visiting Puerto Escondido. Even if the last time you surfed was when you were 11 (like me!), Puerto Escondido can easily keep you entertained. Ever wanted to swim with glowing plankton, or see thousands of turtles plod onto beaches to lay their eggs as you so often see in David Attenborough shows? In Puerto Escondido, this is just a staple of everyday life. Read the full post to find out what other funky things are waiting for you in Mexico’s hidden port town.

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Looks like a pretty cool place ..will definitely add to my list when I plan to visit Mexico!.. which month would you best recommend..when you can see the turtles šŸ¢ on the beach ..is there a hatching season ?!

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