18 Best Costa Rica Resorts – Caribbean Side (2023)

Looking for something completely different in Costa Rica? Get to know the best Costa Rice resorts - Caribbean side.

It’s rare to discover the unspoiled, undeveloped side of a destination with a huge tourism industry. Costa Rica has been on the well-trodden tourist path for quite some time. But most first-time visitors head to the Pacific Coast, or to visit the jungle interior. The Costa Rica hotels on the Caribbean side remain largely off most radars.

Here, on this lesser explored coast, the wild and rugged Costa Rican jungle gives way to classic Caribbean beach vibes. Lounge in the sand, but then be lulled to sleep by the natural sounds of the rainforest.

The luxury offerings on this unrefined coast are small and few and far between – that’s part of the charm. For every boutique resort on the Costa Rica Caribbean coast, you’ll find at least three eco-lodges or rustic cabins. Let’s explore the best of them together, and help you plan your trip to this untouched side of Costa Rica.

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