A Relaxing Day in Castle Howard – A world within itself !

As the name suggests Castle Howard, I was expecting to just visit a Castle which is a stately home in North Yorkshire and a private residence and has been the

As the name suggests Castle Howard, I was expecting to just visit a Castle which is a stately home in North Yorkshire and a private residence and has been the home of the Carlisle branch of the Howard family for more than 300 years! But, to my surprise Castle Howard was just not a Castle or a house … it was a mini world in itself where you can spend a relaxing day and by the end actually wonder if I really need to go back home or can I just stay here! As always I kept wishing that if I were born in that era and in the family, I could have probably enjoyed the luxurious life !
To start with … as we started driving towards the Castle, we saw a grand high walled entrance with a tall pillar that marks the grandeur of the place. The drive itself is so pleasant with just a neat clean road with lush greenery on both sides. There is ample parking space in the Castle park. You will find a map at the entrance .. don’t miss to pick it up as it will help you navigate through the whole place and see everything …
As we stepped in and started walking towards the castle … we were awestruck just by seeing how big and vast the whole place was … for highlights … there is a huge and amazing garden as we walk towards the castle… where in itself you can easily spend an hour (I went to the garden on our way back as I was too excited to just see the castle… but definitely worth the visit). .. there is an grand lawn in front of the Castle with one of the most artistic fountain I have ever seen in the middle! … then as you further walk down … there is a lake … you further walk down there are temples and monuments with spectacular views that can cant capture in a camera! And you again walk down into the woods which are sooooo big that you can easily get lost in the forest… then there are separate woodland gardens which are well maintained and have tracks to work through … and not to forget behind the castle as well there are water bodies alongside which you can sit and relax and have your lunch/snacks … or there are also castle cafes and play areas nearby… and last and the very best the beauty of Castle Howard itself is breath-taking !!!!
So….. castle, gardens, forest, lake, monuments, temples, views … I don’t think the family ever had to step outside the castle to enjoy any element in nature! And … don’t ever forget a good pair of walking shoes when you are heading to the castle .. it’s a must if you want to enjoy every part of it and it will absolutely take one full day if you even want to touch upon all the areas!
How to Book :
There are many activities that keep happening and hence there are multiple packages available that you can choose from:
As I am an English Heritage member, I could avail discounts on my visit. You just need to show your membership card at the entrance to avail it.
And there are many movies shot in this castle as well :

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