first hike in 2023

Beamsley Beacon and The Old Pike… a Wet and Windy Walk in Ilkley!

Embark on a hike in Ilkley, and conquer Beamsley Beacon and The Old Pike.

The rain is hammering on my hood, it’s slamming sideways into my face, my socks are soggy, and I’m absolutely soaked to the bone… not quite what I had in mind for my first hike of 2023!

Beamsley Beacon, or The Old Pike as it’s also known, is a Bronze Age burial site and Napoleonic beacon on the summit of Beacon Hill, near Ilkley. The trig point is somewhat overshadowed by the huge cairn next to it, which has origins going back 4,500 years when it was built as an ancient burial site for a local chieftain!

It was a really good hike, but I’d recommend doing it on a clear day when the views will be better and the moor will be less waterlogged!

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