Event Photoshoot

Event Photoshoot – Roxy Lanes Leeds Launch Party

We would like to thank Yorkshire Press for the opportunity to capture the excitement of the Roxy Lanes Leeds Launch Party in our event photoshoot.

Roxy Lanes brand new venue opened up in The Light, Leeds. Its 3 times bigger than the previous one. This was my first event photoshoot. Thanks to The Yorkshire Press for giving me this opportunity.
The launch party was real fun, free drinks, games and unlimited food. I never though I could capture such nice photos in low light setting. I was surprised to see the output.
As we entered on the ground floor right in front there is a big bar area along side Roxy’s very own beer pong tables. As you go downstairs to the basement you will see an enormous game area comprising 10 bowling lanes, shuffleboards, American pool tables along with a small bar and Pizza kitchen where you can refuel between games. There are several bar tables smartly placed in between the gaming area where you can chill with your drinks and watch multiple games at a time.
I must say the best games is JEE Curling (Ice free curling) – a unique and fun filled game that is not found in most of the gaming pubs. And it is easy as it gets, you just need to take turns sliding the stones across the ice-like floor while aiming for the centre of the target.

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