Visiting The Great British Food Festival 2023

Planning on visiting the Great British Food Festival 2023? Immerse yourself in the ultimate gastronomic experience as we guide you through this year's must-attend culinary event. From savouring traditional British

Visiting The Great British Food Festival offers a perfect day out to party and enjoy with friends family …not just for us but also our 4 legged friends and family members at some of Britain’s most treasured locations.

Loads of yumilicious food… must try drinks… the best shopping for local award winning delicacies and artifacts… learn to cook from master chefs… visit a beautiful stately home… have a stroll along a lake or in the woods… all just in one day!

Yes you heard us right… visiting the Great British Food Festival makes this possible… by picking wonderful venues to host the much visited food festival!

We visited the one at Harewood House near Leeds… and we truly enjoyed our day!

We reached early around 10am ( just when it opens ) – we really recommend to go in early as it gets pretty busy as the day goes by.

Since we were in early we had ample time to chitchat with some really cool vendors , strike some good deals 😉grab some local breakfast ..and start the morning with some strong alcohol tastings !😂

There were more than 50 stalls for sure ..we were quite tired after an decided to get some cooking tips by learning from the master chefs at the stages that were set up. Sneha was really happy to find herself a gin infused recipe ..very sure that’s going on the menu for next party night!

We then headed off to the Harewood house admire the paintings 🖼️ and the gardens

Now it’s time for lunch !!!..there are soooo many options ..we are really confused. So we decide to try a variety of cuisines (check out our pics and the captions )..We sit down enjoy the live music and the super tasty food!

There are sooo many people who have joined with family and friends that the entire atmosphere seems sooo joyous!!

There are many more planned till September.. across the UK. So don’t miss out and book in advance to get discounted deals! ( the visit to the estate is included in the entry tickets!

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