Kedarkantha Day -3 (Summit Day)

The blizzard was too strong even to put our masks down. We started for the summit at 3am in the morning and apparantly we were the last ones to move from base camp. (all thanks to our lazy group ?). As we started our way up to the top we were already passing alot of groups. (pahadi hone ka faeda?).The moon was somewhat full and the snow was sparkling white. The view was indescribable.
The more I try to write about it the more i fall short of the words. As the froest ended it was pretty steep climp up to the summit and the oxygen level was also getting low. So we have to stop every now and then. We reached to the top at 6.45am. The wind was too strong even to stand still. We were literally in tears because all we went through to get this amazing view was worth it. We sat there for I dont even remember how much long. But long enough to grab all that beauty in my heart and soul. I’ll visit you again my dear HIMALAYA.peace

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