Street Food Tour BALI I Tryiny Indonesian food in Cangguu

How much you think we spent in a month in Bali?

In this video we show you some of many Indonesian street food you can find in Canggu Bali 2021.
You don’t have to go far to find a food truck, a stand with delicious local food at very affordable price. Spicy street food everywhere, so our food tasting tour was very interesting. We tried Balinese food, Javanese food. Indonesian food is so tasty, and full of flavor.
As we live in Canggu we went near by the busy streets to try the following food:
➼ Nasi Jinggo – Balinese street food, packed in banana leaves ( rice, noodle, coconut, tempe, shredded chicken, sambal )
➼ Sempol – originated from Java, fried food made of tapioca flour
➼ Boba – popular sweet milk tea, or bubble tea topped with chewy black jelly balls
➼ Bakso – Indonesian meat ball ( served in bowl with broth, noodles, tofu, egg, chicken leg and crupo )
➼ Fried Chicken
➼ Ikan bakar ( charcoal grilled fish seasoned with garlic, shallots and sambal
– Ayam/babi sate ( chicken or pork skewer served with peanut sauce
If you travel to Indonesia, we recommend you to stop in these small food stands and try the delicious spicy street food.
💘 A special thank you to the people who helped and participated on this video with us 🙂
Nasi Jinggo Made & Sempol 7, if you are around, dont forget to visit them!
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