Travel Music Video – Morning Drive Nice N’ Easy (produced by Ves Marable)

A Traveling Session Video
There’s nothing like a morning drive down I-10 crossing the Mobile Bay Bridge in Mobile, Alabama, with clear skies and the sun at our back. Take in the views of the bayous, the Appalachee River, Chacaloochee Bay, Spanish River, and Polecat Bay, where they let out into the Mobile Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Saxophonist Ves Marable accompanies us with some jazz for the ride.
Saxophonist Ves Marable – “Nice N Easy”
(Song written, arranged, composed, and produced by: Ves Marable)
(Engineered, mixed, and mastered by: Eric Bates of Bates Brothers Recording)
(“Ves Marable Music” on Spotify and all online digital platforms)
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