How to travel cheap in Bali on a Motorbike

Here we are sharing an amazing trick of how we made our travel in Bali so affordable.
Going from one place to another with all your bags was not possible in a small motorbike, so we made it happen & now we are stress free!
We always had to rent motorbike for short term of time, give it back, when we moving to another place, hire a driver and rent a new motorcycle on each place. Its annoying after few times, right?
We came up with the idea, why don’t we try to build a frame in the back of the motorbike, and travel freely whenever we want, wherever we want.
We made it with the help of Ari and the Village Modification.
His phone number & WhatsApp ➼ +62 823 3548 2492
➼ Semai Rental (Motorbike) – WhatsApp +62 812-3948-602
Our first trip was from Canguu to Uluwatu, We are so happy we made it, the journey was fun, hassle free. What an adventure! This is only the beginning of our road trip Bali 2021 🙂
We cannot wait to hit the road again 🙂
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