Nusa Penida Travel Guide (Day 1)

On our first day in Nusa Penida we visited some of the most amazing places on the west part of the island.
We started off with the Broken beach. Despite the name, there is not an actual beach here. You will find a nice cove with an archway opening at the end which lets turquoise water in.
Just few minutes away you will find this amazing natural pool, Angel’s Billabong. You can swim in the crystal clear water.
And the last stop of the day was the famous Kelingking Beach, T-rex. Its a must see, when you are in Nusa Penida. You can take some beautiful pictures from the top or if you are brave enough you can climb down the stairs.
In the next video we will show you the other side of the island. There are loads of things to do on this island which is only 20 minutes boat trip from Bali.

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