How much it cost to live in Bali Indonesia in 2021 for a couple – Canggu?

The most asked question is “How much it cost to live in Bali Indonesia in 2021 (for a couple) – in Canggu?
Since we moved to Canggu, Bali – Indonesia, we were tracking our expenses very carefully for an entire month, to see how affordable is Bali in 2021. In this Video, You can see how much we spent on each of the below topics.
– We also added the straight conversion from IDR to Euro, American Dollar & Brazilian Real.
➼ Accommodation ➼ Phone bill ➼ Bike rental ➼ Petrol ➼ Food ➼ Donation ➼ Travel Insurance and Visa ➼ Grocery shopping ➼ Pampering
In this way, You can see how affordable is Bali now, in 2021 during this time. That might give you a reference if you are planning to move to Bali in the near future.
:: References ::
➼ Jaba Warung (Traditional Indonesian Food)
➼ Ithaka Warung (Great Deal on Breakfast)
➼ Kopikota Canggu (Amazing Deal on Breakfast)
(Rental Bike)
➼ Semai Rental – WhatsApp +62 812-3948-602
(Visa Agency)
➼ KIA Consulting – WhatsApp +62 813-3900-4100 (Steve)
If you have any questions, contact us on Instagram (@pikiyourdream) , we are more than happy to answer your questions and help you to achieve your dream!

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